Our Place

At Lilly’s Cozy Cove private vacation rentals, we open our door to welcome you into our comfortable and eclectically decorated rooms, with a view to the sea and/or our scented, colorful and bountiful garden for the enjoyment of all of your senses.
In the morning, wake up to the lively chirping of the birds. Start your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, sipped slowly while sitting outside on the balcony, looking out to the sea or our garden buzzing with bees.
After the easy-going morning coffee and breakfast, take a short walk to the pebble beach for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water. Let your spirit be calmed by the smell of salty water mixed with pine tree sap and the sound of Dalmatian crickets.
If you prefer a more active vacation, join us for biking or a hiking tour to explore the nearby magic coves and other hidden treasures of Nature.
At night, after a full day of exploration and rejuvenation, come back home for a full taste buds treat – a homemade dinner, prepared to order by chef Joe. At night, take a stroll around the narrow, cobblestone streets of Tisno, walk up to one of the churches on the hill and enjoy the full panoramic view of the city at night. Close your day with crawling under the soft bed cover and let the lullaby of the Dalmatian crickets sing you to sleep.

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