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Most beautiful beaches on Murter island - family-friendly

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

We often get families with children who like to experience a different beach every day. Our littlest guests love water, slides, ice-cream and sand. Murter Island has a couple of sandy beaches that are well-known and popular among families, which means they get super crowded during summer. In this post, we tell you how to get to the two sandy beaches and to other alternatives that are less busy, what each beach offers, what to bring, and where to park. We linked a Google map location to every beach name, to make it just a few clicks away.

1. Slanica beach is by far the most popular sandy beach on Murter, making it super busy during summertime. It has a very gradual entry into the sea. There is a big slide there with a pool but has been closed for a few years. The beach is lined up with restaurants and bars with affordable food, drinks, and ice-cream. Parking is in an olive grove near the sea, for a daily fee of 20 kn.

2. Podvrške beach is one of our favorites, and we enjoy it in June or September. It's a small pebble beach, which turns into the sand as going in the water. It has a boat peer for jumping. It also has nice pine trees shade and a couple of booths with food and drinks. There is a small wooded area in the back of the peer, with large rocks for sunbathing for those who like a little more quiet privacy. Parking is also in an olive grove nearby, and for a daily fee of 20 kn.

3. Beach Lovišća is located in a cove with the same name, just outside of Tisno. It's a long pebble beach, with a huge inflatable water slide. The use of the slide is charged in half-hour increments. Since this is a campground also, there is a restaurant, bar, ice-cream tent and a bike and paddleboard rental, as well as a windsurfing school. No water shoes are needed. Parking in this cove can be a tourist trap. Every summer we watch car after car being towed from the dead-end road that gets to the camping gate. The parking spaces are clearly marked, but old habits die hard and people continue to park in unmarked areas. This is one of the locations where a towing truck driver comes to every day to make his daily bread. The best is to park in designated areas, even if that means a little further away, and then walk along the sea or ride a small train car.

4. Colentum archeological beach is a true gem of the beach that is yet undiscovered. Even at the peak of the summer, only a few swimmers are there. It's a pebble beach, with the shade of olive groves, and gradual entry into the sea. There are some sea urchins in the shallow water, so water shoes are recommended. This beach features remnants of an antique villa, many pieces of pottery covering the sea bottom from numerous ship wreckages that happened throughout history, and a swing made from driftwood. This is a bring-your-snorkels kind of the beach. Parking is easy and free by the cemetery.

5. Tisno beach is a short 5-minute, baby stroller-friendly walk from our b&b. It has small pebbles on the beach, a concrete pad to jump from, a beach bar with a bathroom, and a kiddie park. Water shoes are recommended.

6. Jazina beach is another one close to us, within a 15-minute walk or a 2-minute drive. There is a pebble beach area, as well as a concrete pad with plenty of shade. Since this is a campground too, there is a restaurant and a bar. Water shoes are recommended. There is a paid gravel parking area at the campground entrance and we recommend parking there. Parking anywhere along the road is a No, since this is another location that tow truck drivers like to visit.

7. Jezera beach is tinny and located at the end of the footpath between Tisno and Jezera. It's a gravel beach, with about 10 hammocks in the shade and a small friendly-feeling beach bar. Parking is in the Jezera town center, or somewhere along the sea.

Happy and relaxing beaching!

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