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Our 5 most favorite Murter beaches

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

How about a cycling route through olive groves to the hidden beaches? Or a walk by the sea or across a hill, through narrow, village streets, and a plunge into a crystal clear sea at the end? Or, how about spending a day on a beach close to our cozy bed&breakfast that has shade, free parking and is not crowded in the middle of summer? Below are a few beaches we visited on our bikes, and on foot, all within a 5 km distance from our house. Such nature beaches are not crowded because the access requires a little more than driving to a parking lot, paying for parking and walking a few meters to the beach. They also do not have bars or public bathrooms. Bring your hammock and enjoy Nature at its best.

Access: gravel road that gets narrower and steeper as it descends to the sea

Biking: requires some skill to ride downhill, over large and loose rocks

Parking: free along the road

Beach: small pebbles

Shade: yes

Special features: Ok for families with small children; water shoes are a must; beach pad strongly recommended.

Access: wide, gravel road. In the last few hundred meters, the road starts to descend and the gravel becomes larger and looser. The last 50 meters is a narrow path, leading through a Mediterranean meadow.

Biking: bikers leave their bikes locked somewhere along the descending part of the road and continue on foot.

Parking: free along the road

Beach: large gravel, with a gradual entry into the sea.

Shade: yes

Special features: Ok for families with small children; a short hike along the sea leads to the next cove and the next beach, called Nozdre.

Access: wide, gravel road.

Biking: easy, mostly leveled gravel road

Parking: free

Beach: Rocky beach, allowing for private sunbathing for those who don’t mind getting in the water by stepping off the rocks or jumping into freshness. Not suitable for small children.

Special features: Interesting sightseeing points: small fishing marina, an old sardine fish salting facility and Sv. Nikola's chapel. A short beach hike to Murtaric island with a lighthouse.

Access: wide, gravel road.

Biking: easy, leveled gravel road from Jezera

Parking: free

Beach: Pebbles, the shade of trees

Special features: A short hike to the Murtaric island with a lighthouse and the view to the Kornati

Access: our road, pay and park at camp Jazina, or walk 15 minutes from our house

Biking: slightly hilly, paved road

Parking: paid at camp Jazina

Beach: Pebbles, rocks, concrete pad. Plenty of shade. A coffee bar with a public bathroom.

Suitable for small children.

Special features: Walking distance to our house. Ice cream and coffee available.

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