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Most beautiful walks on Murter island, Croatia

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

While summer is the peak swimming season, the rest of the seasons are prime time for taking some of the most beautiful walks around Murter island. From our bed and breakfast yard in Tisno, whichever path I take leads to a beautiful cove or a stunning viewpoint. Here are my favorite most beautiful walks on Murter island and how to get there.

1. Camp Jazina and back through Tisno village

Camp Jazina loop is 5 km long and starts by turning right from our yard. If you are staying someplace else in Tisno, come to Put oštrice and walk passed the last house on the right. This is a small house hidden by greenery. Take the 1st gravel road past it. We call this road Vatra's Road, after a donkey who lives there. Vatra is super friendly and loves to be petted, so make sure you give him a head rub.

This road ends at an olive orchard that is sometimes gated with a chain and a Private sign. It's safe to ignore the sign and continue through the orchard and to the sea. There is a small pebble beach and a pier at the end. From there, follow a narrow path to the left, along the sea, pass Sidro beach bar, and walk to the Jazina campground. Take the main road through the camp to the gate, and there you have a choice. Turning left puts you on the opposite end of our road, so you can come back that way. Or walk straight all the way to the sea on the other side, and then left along the sea and through the village. This road leads to the Tisno bridge.

For families with small children, Jazina campground has a long beachfront with plenty of shade from Tamarix and pine trees. Our blog about the Most beautiful beaches of Murter island describes the beach in more detail.

2. Karavaja church to Jezera and back on the Tisno Jezera sea trail

This sea trail is a 6 -7 km loop, walking on a windy stone path, with stunning views of the sea and the surrounding islands. From our yard turn right toward town. Cross the Tisno bridge and head left along the sea, until you see the children's playground. At that point, leave the seaside and walk to the first row of houses. One of the little streets across from the playground has a brown sign pointing to the Karavaja church on the hill. At the top enjoy a nice, panoramic view of the village of Tisno and the nearby islands.

From the church, a gravel road leads downhill to Jezera village. Jezera has a beautiful seafront and a colorful display of fishing and sailing boats tied along the sea walk. Wander through the picturesque and narrow streets of Jezera, stop for coffee or ice cream, and find your way to the Jezera-Tisno sea trail for the return home.

3. Koromašna luka to Murtarić peninsula

Once you walk this 8-9 km round trip walk you will fully understand why I'm calling it one of the most beautiful walks on Murter island. From our house, walk or drive to Put sv. Roka in Jezera.

If walking, head into town, cross the bridge and go right. Stay along the sea to Lovišća cove, which is also Jezera campground. Go up the main road to the camp entrance, cross the road and walk to Tommy supermarket. Whether you are walking or driving, stay on the main road into Jezera village until you see Put Sv. Roka to your right. Follow the sign to Koromašna luka. If driving, park at the end of the road and walk to the left along the sea. Enjoy the magic views of the crystal clear sea. In 1/2 kilometer you will see the crossing to the Murtarić peninsula with a green lighthouse at the opposite end of the peninsula.

4. Pudarica to Sv. Nikola cove

From our house walk or drive to the beginning of Put Sv. Roka in Jezera and park. This is another 8-9 kilometer walk from our house. The official Jezera site has a historical description of Jezera and Pudarica. Pudarica is a rock structure that dominates the landscape in this area. It is built on the high point above olive orchards. Its purpose was to serve as a watchtower over the bay for Illyrians (old settlers who lived in this land long before Croatians). Shortly past the structure, the gravel road turns into a narrow single track, past a private house. This road leads to Sv. Nikola cove, where a small fisherman's harbor is located with an old fish processing factory.

5. Tisno to Betina and Murter

For those who like to walk a lot, there is a 9 km long road to follow along the right side of Murter island. The road follows the sea and leads through a couple of campgrounds: camp Jezera in Lovišća cove and camp Plitka Vala. Lovišća cove has a nice family-friendly beach, with small pebbles, which I described in our Most beautiful beaches on Murter island blog. This is also a good road to ride on, as it rarely has cars on it.

Our favorite coffee or lunch stop on this walk is Konoba Kanata in Betina. The owners, Kostja and Barbie are super friendly and absolute dog lovers. The quickest return is the same way.

6. Colentum archeological beach

Colentum is the only archeological beach in Croatia and is located on Murter island. Since this location is on the furthest part of the island, we recommend driving from Tisno to the Murter cemetery and parking there. Other than viewing the ruins of the Roman villa, also not to be missed is a swing and a tree house. The tree house is easy to miss because it's nestled in the pine trees, on the hill right above where the Roman villa used to be. Colentum beach is one of our favorite places to come for a swim in the summer months because we can find shade under the olive trees and is usually not packed.

We like to walk up the hill first to the tree house and follow the trail into Murter. With a little bit of village street walking, we find our way back to the sea and loop around to the swings, and then back to the car. This is about a 3-kilometer walk, easy with little kids too. The swing, stone walls along the beach, and the treehouse are built by local craftsmen and international volunteers, in collaboration with the island non-profit Argonauta.

7. Raduč hill

Raduč is the highest peak on Murter island (125 meters) and is another unique location, the facts that earned it its title of one of the most beautiful walks on Murter. This location is interesting for its military tunnels that are now cleared of trash and safe to walk through, thanks to the island non-profit Argonauta and local volunteers. The tunnels are dark and maybe a little scary for a solo person to explore. I always go with someone; that way I can enjoy getting lost in the dark and eventually finding my way out to one of the exits toward the sea. At one such exit is an interesting metal art installation with the name of Murter Kornati county. Also here, is our favorite sunset spot.

There are multiple ways to get to Raduč. Driving up a fairly steep and at places narrow gravel road is the quickest way. Another option is to park at Slanica or Podvrške beach and walk up on the neighborhood road that turns into gravel. My favorite way to get there is from Kosirina beach where I park and walk along the sea and up the hill. This walk takes 4 or 5 hrs, and is breathtaking. It puts me walking on the western side of the island, which is more natural and rockier than the eastern side, but with gorgeous views of the Kornati National Park islands.

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