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Winter at the beach

If you are contemplating coming to Tisno during winter months, read on about our favorite things to do to pass our winter months at the beach. Also, make sure to check our prices section of our website, for our monthly accommodation best deals. Winters here have a different kind of magic, from quiet and calm beach walks, to stormy sea shows, hearty winter meals cooked by Joe, and holiday season fairs filled with small town music and events.

Cooler temperatures and windy days give a plethora of different shades of blue to the sea. For nature lovers like us, that means a lot of walking and exploring new trails and new windy spots. On our doggy walks, we face a tough decision evey day, wheather to take a 15 minute walk toward town along the sea front, or go the other way and into the hills and olive groves, to visit our favorite neighbour, a donkey called Vatra.

While October is often still a perfect month to catch a swim or two, November is usually when we start to get windy days and rain. Such days are even more exciting for us, when we sit in our warm living room, surrounded by our pups, and watch the weather show from our window, or bundle up and get outside to play tag with the waves.

Come December, small towns around us start their end-of-the-year festivities, with music, kids' events and shows, and local food. Tisno has an annual celebration of lightning the Christmass tree and the bridge, when our school and daycare sell their decorations and Broščica restorant provides food, cocoa and hot wine. Our favorite holiday event place is Šibenik with its Adventura, offering rich music program, local food, crafts, and kids's shows. This event is also plastic-free, which is the same values we promote at Lillys Cozy Cove.

Our house gets festive too, with our own-made decorations, using grenery and twigs from nature, and Joe's yummy meals, using meats made by my family in Slavonija, the eastern part of the country. Since we welcome all individuals and cater to any food needs, our in-house chef can make special meals to meet everyone's food needs. With our winter garden being built in our back yard as we speak, starting next year, we will have a warm place where we will offer holiday meals to our guests, friends and family. This is one of our big news planned for this coming year.

Since mountains are only within an hour and a half drive from our B&B, last January we took a trip to Plitvice National Park to get some snow time. We hiked some less traveled paths, had coffee at one of the park restorants, and ate stuffed peppers, mada by our dear friend Sonja, who came with us on this trip. We stayed at another B&B and exchanged experiences.

Other places near our house that we like to visit during winter months for a day are Vrana Nature Park and Krka National Park, St. Anthony's chanel walk, and St.Nichola's fortress. Vrana offers amazing walks around the lake, with not many people or dogs, so we can let our guys run around, as well as views and bird watching.

We also discovered a new cultural site called Maškovića han, that offers sauna, jakuzzi, accomodation, museum, and a restorant, all open year round.

These are just a few of our top choices we recommend to our winter guests. We also promise camp fires in our yard, community meals we share with our long-term guests, and other trips we are always willing to bring company along. So, if any of this sounds like your cup of tea, pack your bags, reserve one of our cozy rooms, and plan your day on the go.

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